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Princess Lady

Although she doesn’t look it, she is actually a violent drunk. But fortunately when she hasn’t been drinking she’s as sweet as can be. At least she is since she completed her court ordered rehab as part of her parole. Most of her prison ink is concealed under clothing and the others are small enough to be covered by concealer makeup.

She’s a real peach.


Bunny Eastwood – Meh I couldn’t think of a better name…

Latest. I’m not crazy about it but I’m sick of working on it. :P

Sketch Club: The Meerkat

This sly fellow chooses to sit out the rapture watching humans disintegrate while sipping his martini and smoking his pipe. He’s a proper fellow, he’ll greet you as you vaporize and then pick your wallet from your ashes and head off for a drink at the gentleman’s club.

He is a dapper fellow indeed.


Sketch Club: Moth (you guessed it, still playing catch up)

Don’t worry, this guy hasn’t killed anyone. He is however a chain smoker and a dead beat dad, he hasn’t paid child support in forever, he also has two DUIs. So don’t let him drive.


Sketch Club: Lil Bat (Still catching up)


Still playing catchup… A few more to go… Here is a sweet little fruit bat… Who is currently on trial for a triple homicide, so don’t trust this shifty little fucker.

Sketch Club: Giraffe (still catching up)

So here’s another one I’m on back log with for sketch club. 2 weeks ago it was a Giraffe, so here it is… Although if I keep doing these painting/sketches I might actually start to take myself seriously.

I better be careful…


Sketch Club: Mr.Turtle

I’ve missed a few weeks but I have drafts I swear! LAST weeks was turtles, so I painted this guy. It was kind of fast and I really liked the way it came out for how fast it was done. Please enjoy Mr.Turtle!

Viva La Teddylution!

I like angry teddy bears and adorable monsters. It’s just one of those adorable little quirks that makes me me. This started at lunch out of boredom and now it’s just another example of my sense of humor… Or potentially evidence against my mental competence at a future trial.

Either way I hope you enjoy :)


Sketch Club – Monthly – Satyr

This months mythical creature (for the monthly, not weekly challange) was to do a satyr. It was my first time I painted in grey scale and added the colour later. I like the technique I’ll have to play with it more. Over all I’m satisfied with it :)

Raaawwwwr I’m a Satyr, I live in the woods and pout while playing emo satyr music on my pan flute!

Sketch Club – The Raven

My Sketch club piece of the week. This weeks was Crows/Ravens.

On a related topic:

In Poe’s original piece it was “Nevermore quoted the raven” I think if it was re-written today by a teen with an iPhone it would be “blkbrd was liek ‘Whatev umad? lol”