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I’ll finish this someday, I swear.

My warrior squirrel on his noble steed… word.

(I will finish this eventually…)

Take me to your leader.

I thought, what if Aliens showed up and tried to start hostile negotiations with the first life form they encountered… Dogs are awesome.


An adorable representation of my inner child. (I’ve been asked on several occasions to stop acting like my outer child)

CT Alien

One of my earlier digital paintings. I still kind of like it.

Painting on Photos

It’s fun and good practice. I had seen some guys doing it and decided to try it on a few photos I took.


So I felt like painting a dragon. But I thought, how about a really fat dragon with tiny wings so there’s no way they could hold him up! Since… Why not, not like a proportioned dragons wings could hold it up anyways. (Birds have hollow bones, and wing spans that increase in size exponentially as the size and weight of the bird increase. So it stands to reason a dragons wings would have to be retarded big to just let it glide… But I digress)…

Anyways, Woooo my tubby dragon of cuteness!