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Messing around


Just messing around, never tried this technique before, I think I might play around with it some more.

Mr. No-Fun Bun

I’d like to think this guy is having a bad day and wants none of your bullshit. He’s in desperate need of a coffee and a smoke and he’s ready to choke the shit out of anyone who bothers him. I think I saw him punch a toddler… like right in the face, it’s was crazy… But you had to be there I guess.

Mister Meh

A silly doodle that serves no purpose. I called him “Meh” because that’s all I think of him…

Georgey Gobbs

I just started drawing him at lunch one day. I plan to finish him, no clue when, I got sidetracked with another random princess character I started at lunch as well… I’m going to make a character named “Sidetracked” just to enjoy the irony of getting sidetracked from SideTracked…


I was doodling a leopard, this is kind of old but I’ve always liked it.


I was playing in zBrush a while back and started this guy. Made progress then got busy again and forgot all about him. I’d like to finish him some day.

Doodles: The Doc

I was scribbling and pretty much this happened. Nothing special, just enough to make me ponder the possibilities of who he is and what he could become. If you’re bored feel free to write a back story for him, the more ridiculous the better.

Sketch club: THE FAILS

Hey out there to all 3 of my readers! Things have been busy lately so I haven’t had time for much drawing besides work related stuff, so I figured I’d post a few sketches I abandoned for the sketch club.


I thought instead of drawing a fox that I would draw a kid dressed as a fox… I ended up not liking it and flushing it in exchange for the fox that I posted previously.



This one wasn’t really a fail, I just never figured out where I wanted it to go and forgot about it in the shuffle of work and life.



We were supposed to do Otters, and while I  love otters I was busy on this one two, I did a photoshop mockup of my idea but never got around to doing the actual painting.


Let’s face it. There is something hilarious about adorable characters fucking each other up.

Random man

I don’t know what he is… But I did it… And I am sorry.