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Greetings programs, welcome to the adorable, huggable section of the grid, or maybe he was Tron’s favorite childhood toy. I have no clue, the image just appeared in my head so I followed it.


I decided the draw a Halloween themed pic of a co-worker. Originally I figured I’d go with red eyes but I figured that wouldn’t show his glasses and make it less obviously that it was him. Adding the glasses also got to give me a bit of a sin city feel the the character as well.

Sketch Club: (Kinda) – Blue Heron


Last weeks piece was supposed to be a blue Heron, I kind of did it, but I’m behind… And while I’m not really satisfied with the piece I do like the idea, it’s both dark and humorous, and I think I should start therapy again. J/K I like my broken brain :)

SKETCH CLUB – This week: Aardvarks

My previous post was an old image I touched up, I had decided to do the Aardvark in a nice art deco style like a war poster. Which is what lead me to touch up the old one since I decided to dig it out for reference.

Anyways, the Aardvark Armoured Corps. JOIN TODAY!


Updating the old

Decided to update an old illustration I did. It was originally done for a client who subsequently never paid up. Lesson learned, people suck. Also,This was a lot of fun to do, and I like doing fun these since they are fun. What I’m trying to say is I like fun… And dogs.


Sketch Club – Hailess Cats

Ewww yuck, That club that shall not be named (Sketch club) decided last weeks choice would be “Hairless cats”. Naturally I had a gaggle of tasteless jokes to make, but rather than risk getting slapped I choose to just jump right in. I’ve always found hairless pets to be kind of creepy, and since cats tend to have that “I’ll kill you if you cross me” vibe going already I figured I’d just add to the evil.

Yes I went to basic illustration because I was feeling lazy and had things to do.

Sketch Club – The Fox

This week was… You guessed it, FOXES!

Dig it.

The Harpy stole my toaster struddles!

That bitch…


There isn’t much to say here. He was a lunch doodle that got cleaned up.